Turning Pro

At the end of last week, I finally received confirmation of a decision that I’d committed to back in September. At the turn of the new year, race licences are sent out and after many months of not being too specific when asked on what my plans for this year are, I now have my Elite licence to race and am registered as an Ironman Pro for the 2016 season.

Ironman Pro registration

This was a decision to stop day dreaming about racing as a pro, stop saying some-day I’ll race as pro, stop saying I could race as pro and actually do it. Put my body where my mouth is and race the best triathletes in the world.

After two years of injury, this may seem like an ‘interesting’ decision, but it’s one that I’m not only confident in, but one that I’m truly motivated by. Despite the lack of racing, I’ve seen enough of myself over the last years and in training to suggest I have a shot at being competitive in the pro field. Alongside that, life circumstances have come together to make this a genuine opportunity; one I’m definitely going to take.

If I don’t do it now, then when am I going to do it? It’s a huge risk, but I’ll never get this time again, so I’m going to put everything into making it a success. The most exciting part of being a triathlete is the racing and going up against other athletes, so where better to do this than in the pro field. I can’t wait for the challenge of competing at this level and lining up at the start of a race as a Professional Triathlete.

Thanks to everyone who helped me get to this decision and supporting me on this journey, including my sponsor Global QROPS.

I’ll be sharing more detailed plans for the year very soon.

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