A nutrition company I trust completely, to support all of my needs as an athlete in training, racing and recovery; to perform at my best and compete at the top.


I know how good High5 stuff is because I rely on it every day and have done since beginning in triathlon. I used it in my first races, successfully competing as an amateur and now racing as a Pro. Here’s how I use High5 to get the most out of my training and perform on race day:

High5 4:1
The 4:1 Energy Source is my go to High5 product for any long session. It was the first product I tried and what got me hooked. I use this out on my hard rides for anything over a couple of hours and for racing both half and full distance. As well as hydrating, this feeds my body and stops me breaking down over the longer distances, helping me build stronger. I’ve used the Summer berries flavour for years now and it’s still refreshing.



High5 4:1 Bar
The 4:1 Bar is my food of choice to accompany the 4:1 drink. I was genuinely surprised at how good these tasted. No problem riding out in any weather, hot or cold, or I’ve eaten them on long turbo sessions to help me keep the intensity up. These are easy to get down and provide a long source of energy through those hard days! And as with all the High5 products, I know the ingredients are good and I don’t have to worry about eating as many as I need.



High5 Zero
These little Zero electrolyte tabs are awesome. I always put one in a bottle of water for my turbo sessions, if I’m visiting the sauna for recovery, or for any short intensive sessions in general. Or if it’s a hot day and I’m out on the bike or for a hot weather race, I’ll either add one of these tabs to my bottle of 4:1 drink, or carry an extra bottle of water with one of these in. I’ve also carried them around if I’m on a long journey so I can add to a bottle of water when necessary. Newly discovered favourite flavour is definitely the Tropical!



High5 Energy gel
I use both the standard Energy Gel and the Energy Gel Plus which has the added caffeine hit. The energy gel I’ll use to support me on my long rides to make sure the back end of the session is still quality work and the caffeinated Plus version I use regularly before key intensive sessions on the bike, so I’m really ready to hit the session from the beginning. I’ll also tend to take two of the Plus gels with me for the bike leg of the race, one in the first half and then a second about half an hour before I’m going to start the run to I’m ready coming out of T2. Favourite flavours are Raspberry or Mojito.



High5 Isogel
As with the Energy Gel, I use both the standard Isogel and Isogel Plus. The Isogel I’ll carry with me on any long training runs and these work incredibly well when it’s not possible to take on a lot of fluid during the session. The Isogel Plus I use before a key swim or run session – almost always about half an hour before I’m going to run at the track. Then I’ll also have one before a race starts and there’ll be a couple in my T2 bag to take out on to the run with me. As I said above, these are so easy to get down without water, even when running at race intensity and support me against fading away on the second half of the run. Raspberry flavour is again a favourite.



High5 Protein bar
The ProteinSnack has been a very welcome new addition when I’m out during the day, on a long journey or I’m not at home right after a session. I can rely on these as a nutritious snack to support ongoing recovery, or get recovery going before I get home to make lunch or dinner. Taste good and filling and I know it’s full of good stuff and no rubbish. These were a lifesaver on a 10 hour drive to a race this year!