New for 2018 I will be wearing a fully custom design Cuore race suit!

After a long, long (I can’t underestimate how much time this took) search for an aero, sleeved race suit, I finally found the Cuore Tri-Suit, just in time for the 2017 season. This suit is incredible!

I must have tried on almost every aero tri-suit available over the previous 2 year period, but none of them were right. Always something, the fit, the material or something wasn’t up to standard, so I stayed in an old sleeveless tri-suit as the search went on.

Somehow, I stumbled upon the Swiss company Cuore, found they had a suit that looked like it had potential and ordered one to try on. It took about 5 seconds to know this was the one.

The material is unbelievable, across every panel of the suit, the detail and the quality – nothing out of all the suits I tried on in this process even comes close.

Even more importantly – the fit is absolutely perfect. Pictures can’t do this suit justice, there’s not a wrinkle in sight, in whatever position I’m in. So without being able to go to a wind tunnel or track to do some aero testing, I know the baseline of this suit is as good as it can get. Fundamentally this suit is super aero on me and I bet with some real testing it would prove to be even faster than expected, such is the quality of the material and the fit.

Without even thinking about it, continuing with this suit for the 2018 season was a must and I was prepared to spend my own cash again to make sure I was in the best suit available for racing.

Even better, Cuore have agreed to begin working together and will now provide the suit with a full custom design for me this year, working with their designers to come up with an awesome look. The process was very easy as I suggested some guidelines for the design and they then came back to me with a few options, one of which I selected and then we refined to come up with the finished article.

I’m very happy with the results and can’t wait to race in the suit again this year!