In November 2017, I got my first taste of life in Girona, Spain, with Campo Bicicleta for a week’s training to kick off my preparations for the 2018 season.

In summary, it was so good I decided to come back and stay with them full-time! From January through the first 6 months of the year I will be living and training from the Campo Bicicleta sports house, preparing for the season and taking in the first two races of the year at the Marbella and Barcelona 70.3’s in April and May.

There’s a good reason so many pro cyclists and triathletes are now choosing to base themselves in the city and with CB, I’m in a great location close to the heart of the city and easy to escape out on to the amazing cycling roads across Catalunya.

Life is simple and straight forward here and it’s easy to work hard and relax. A 50m swimming pool just a few minutes away, endless quiet roads, hills, mountains and flat, running trails and a track on the doorstep. It’s inspiring to go to work here.

Arriving at CB, you can get on it straight away, making the most of every bit of time you have here. Access to the swimming pool, gym and running track are provided, there’s a whole library of pre-prepared cycling routes available to download on to your GPS device of anything from a 30km easy spin to epic 200km mountain rides and to go running I simply head out the front door and in about 400m I’m on to the trail by the river which takes you out of the city. I can do my full range of normal training sessions here, but in an awesome environment.

On top of that, Girona is a real city. It’s a cycling city with a very strong cycling community, but it’s also a great place to be and visit on it’s own, so it’s easy to enjoy some downtime here as well post-training.

Being here is a great investment in yourself.

One final thing….coming from Northern Europe….Spanish weather!