Racing in 2016

It’s now only just over 3 months until it all kicks off with my first pro race at Ironman 70.3 Mallorca!

I have now got together a schedule of races and targets for the 2016 season which will see me racing across Europe. These aren’t set in stone and there may be slight changes depending on factors further down the line, but this is essentially what I’m aiming for, all being well this year.

One of the benefits of racing as a pro is a great deal more flexibility in terms of selecting races as I can chop and change much closer to the date of the race than if you’re an age grouper having to buy a slot with limited availability, almost a year in advance of the race. The plans may therefore change as the year goes on, but I expect this to be more subtle tweaks such as swapping a race out for one a week or two earlier/ later depending on how my body is reacting.

May 2016Ironman 70.3 MallorcaMallorca
May 2016Ironman 70.3 St PöltenAustria
June 2016Ironman 70.3 StaffordshireUK
July 2016Ironman ZurichSwitzerland

The racing year is split up into three sections, starting off with a batch of 70.3 racing. Four races in just over five weeks is going to be busy and intense, but will give me a lot of race experience that I’ll take forward into the rest of the year. I’ll aim to pick up some decent speed and form over these races, something I haven’t been able to do with the injuries over the last two years.

I fully expect to need and take a short break after Staffordshire 70.3, but will then begin preparations for the first of two full distance Ironman races. The middle part of the year will be all about Ironman Zurich and converting that speed over the longer course as well as putting the lessons learned to good use. I’m really aiming for a strong result there where I want to justify the decision to race as Pro.

Finally, the final third will be preparation for and racing the second Ironman and final race of the year. I’ll do this with a couple of 70.3’s at the end of August/ early part of September and then book end the season by returning to Mallorca for the Ironman and hopefully putting down a very competitive end of season marker to go into the winter with.

See you out there!

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