Racing in 2017 – Part 4 – Eating and Diet

To support the training load I eat, a lot. I would literally fall down otherwise, and I’m always, always hungry. I didn’t even realise until the other night, when we randomly estimated that I’d comfortably put away 1,200 calories in that meal alone.

That’s probably the first and only time I ever have/ will count calories though, there’s just no point to it for me. I don’t do anything scientific or special with my diet. This really is far more simple. People normally ask whether I have a very specific diet or food requirements. I think the only thing I would say, is that I tend to normally need a very large amount of food every couple of hours!

I eat when I’m hungry and I eat wholesome, nutrient dense foods. Lots of variety, lots of fish and lean meats, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and dairy. As long as it’s natural food, it’s good. I never feel like I restrict myself much when it comes to what I ‘can’ eat and there’s not really anything I say no I can never eat that. But I don’t drink soft drinks and my normal meals are very low in sugar. Nothing processed and very few ‘empty’ calories. I rarely drink alcohol unless it’s a special occasion, but that’s more to do with the negative effects it has on recovery time and also, if consumed in the evening, that it will affect sleep quality and therefore again, recovery time.

There’s really nothing else to dress it up with, that’s all there is to it!

Mental wellbeing is also very important, as I’ve found to my cost at some points over the years and although my diet doesn’t consist of the traditional comfort foods, I do love what I eat! We probably do spend more time in the kitchen in the evenings at home, but I’m much more happy to prioritise having amazing food each day of the week over having time to spend in front of the TV.

However, like I said before, there’s not really anything that sits on a no-I-never-eat-that list. If we go to the beach I’ll have an ice cream. When I’m back in England, I’ll make sure I get a fish chips takeaway before leaving again. I eat loads of dark chocolate. And, there’s always, always time for tea and cake!

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