Racing in 2017 – Part 1 – The Race Calendar

For this year, we have three options for the race plans for the season with Plans A, B and C depending on how the year progresses.

Each of these is focussed on the Ironman 70.3 race series, which comprises of middle-distance (or sometimes known as half-distance) triathlons that are made up of a 1.9km swim, a 90km bike and a 21.1km run.

The first two, and most likely, plans will be competing in the European series for these events, racing across a number of countries and including the European 70.3 Championships in June.

There is an option to race a full distance Ironman event in August at Ironman Hamburg which we’ll review sometime around the end of June. This would be the inaugural Ironman Hamburg race, which having spent so much time in and around the Hamburg area, is almost like a home race for me – particularly with the amount of support I’d have out on the course!

Full-distance ironman races carry a lot more risk however, in terms of the amount of resources that go in to being competitive at a race which is double the distance and duration of the 70.3 races, for the potential reward at the end.

Not only would we need an ironman focussed block of training before the race, but the recovery time after is also much longer and therefore it really affects how much I can race around that point in the year.

Therefore we’ll look at how the 70.3 racing is going and if we’re on a good roll, then we might want to stick with that for this year and continuing to hopefully be competitive and winning a good amount of prize money and world ranking points. On the other hand, if my strength and fitness are looking good and training has stayed consistent and without any injury niggles then we might look to the full-distance race as it will be an awesome event, with massive crowds, swimming and running in the city centre as well as riding on roads I know well.

The final option is qualification dependent and would involve racing at the 70.3 World Championships which are held in the US this year. This even more so, would be a look at the risk/ reward scenario due to the nature of such a competitive and resource intensive race.

Either way, August and September will still feature some more 70.3 racing to close out the season with a bang!

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