Lanzarote Training Camp 2016


Lanzarote; this was a real love hate relationship for two weeks with the island. This is a hard place in every respect for training. Sea, rough and choppy, with the wind coming across. The roads for biking and running, relentlessly mountainous, windy, gusty, hot and heavy. If you want to do a recovery ride out here, you’re going to have to do it inside. If you want an easy swim, get in the bath tub.

But, what an amazing place to train for two weeks!

Two weeks at Tri-Sports Lanzarote by the numbers:

Total stay: 14 days
Total training days: 13 days

Total training time: 70 hours 5 minutes

Total swim: 10 hours 45 minutes
Total swim distance: 33.2km

Total bike: 40 hours 44 minutes
Total bike distance: 1,128km
Total ascent: 17.746km

Total run: 13 hours 4 minutes
Total run distance: 154.6km
Total ascent: 4.920km

Total S&C: 5 hours 32 minutes

However, the numbers are just a small part of the story.

My base for the fortnight; Tri-Sports Lanzarote with Daz and Debs, a haven of peace, relaxation and great food (and even in triathlete specific quantities!) I would have literally fallen down after a few days if I hadn’t been looked after so well. I don’t think I even fully appreciated this until after I’d left. All I had to do, was get on and train. Perfect.

Villa views

My plan for my time there was overload endurance. And my body definitely knew about it by the end. I wanted make the most of the challenges of the island to push things physically, but also keep the variety of sessions that I go through on a week to week basis. The island just makes each of these harder.

You don’t learn anything swimming in calm waters, and so the sea down in Peurto del Carmen delivered a lesson, every time. However, I’ve never felt more confident in my ability to swim hard and direct, sight, deal with waves and chop or be less afraid of the water. For attending the lesson, I was rewarded with clear, warm waters with a large variety of shiny fish for company each morning and a hard session well done. Followed by a very large second breakfast back at the villa 🙂

TSL Food

The mountains are higher, the wind is harder, the sun is hotter. I learnt a lot of respect for the island during my first day on the bike. But who wants an easy coffee stop ride anyway. Riding mountains is virtually default while you’re here unless you want to ride up and down a 20km highway, which is merely undulating, all week. There was plenty of opportunity to do a variety of sessions, but in general lots of big gear work up the Tabayesco and Mirrador del Rio climbs as well as the photo famous Timenfaya grind into a permanent headwind. The roads for the legs, the gusting cross-winds improving bike handling skills and confidence. All of it making me stronger.

Tabeyesco Climb

Out on the run I focussed on a lot of brick sessions and, naturally, hill climbing. You know your mind has been warped by the sport when you get back from such a challenging ride and think the chance to strengthen my run off the bike after such a hard 160km is too good an opportunity to miss! The final hill-reps run session of the two weeks gave me a satisfying total ascent of over 1km for just that session. Still, I managed to get in speed sessions and even a long (obviously hilly) run.

Villa sea views

I know that absorbing these two weeks will make me stronger and faster for the season and I’m looking forward to feeling the benefits of all that hard-work. Thanks for hosting me Tri-Sports and to my main sponsor Global QROPS who have made it possible for me to prepare as well as I possibly can for the year with opportunities like this one, I can’t wait to go back in the future!

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